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Dana Awartani Is a Professional Standard Artist Based From Saudi – What Should I Know

Dana Awartani is a professional standard artist based from Saudi Arabia and the UK. Committed to the rebirth of historical crafts from the Islam world, Dana functions with a wide selection of materials like ceramics, natural pigments, and woodwork inspired by countless years of historic Islam geometry and patterns. A Q&A with Dana Awartani. Can you tell a little bit more about you as an artist? I think I had been born to be an artist. Up to that point my work has always been really contemporary and I did lots of setup and 3D art discussing issues of present day society in Saudi Arabia.

Currently I’m displaying my work all over the world and I execute assignments to elevate the awareness of Islam art in the region. They’re based on the narrative of the six days of production from the Islam tradition. This is quite a thrilling project as I’m developing a brand new technique of painting that I haven’t used before. Nevertheless, I’m not actually a fan of the term, it was used for the absence of a better description. Nowadays everything has to be defined or labeled, it cannot only be what it is.

This way I’m not limiting my creative improvement into a specific title because I never know just what path my artwork could take me down later on, it may change completely! Can you specify what Islam artwork is and just what does it mean to you? Islam artwork could be best described as a sacred artwork. Typically the artist is detached in any praise or recognition of his job. Sadly there aren’t really that many Islam art displays where I could go and see works comparable to what I do, but I’ve found that going to contemporary art shows is very important too.

This has given birth to a really rich and diverse array of patterns the vary from flower motifs to more organized geometric compositions. So if you’re somebody who makes Islam art, your work is more than likely going into be made of patterns. The most important thing that I love and respect about them is, although all so diverse, they nevertheless share a common law they’re all so diverse, they still share a common law. The idea of symmetry, harmony and structure is always at its core. Whenever if you really examine the layout might if you really examine the layout an arbitrary series of flower motifs. However they’re which are repeated through the design. Nothing is ever arbitrary. This is among the main principles of Islam art as a whole.

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